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Casio Computer Co., Ltd. (カシオ計算機株式会社, Kashio Keisanki Kabushiki-gaisha) is a Japanese multinational consumer electronics and commercial electronics manufacturing company headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. Its products include calculators, mobile phones, digital cameras, electronic musical instruments, and analogue and digital watches. It was founded in 1946, and in 1957 introduced the world's first entirely electric compact calculator. It was an early digital camera innovator, and during the 1980s and 1990s, the company developed numerous affordable home electronic keyboards for musicians along with introducing the world's first mass-produced digital watches.

John shared in a review "Updated on 10/10/2019: I bought two G-Shocks from Casio about three months ago at the cost of more than a $1000.00, a few months later one stopped working and the other one I have not heard about since I gave that to someone as a present! So I called last week to see what what I have to with this piece of ** and after getting thrown to various phone numbers, I was told to send it to their repair service in Dover, NJ. 10 days later I had not heard from them even though the item was delivered to them Oct.4th, 2019. So today I called to find out what's happening and I ended up with a women who was in no mood to do anything and kept giving me stories about where the is and who I should call! I found their service personnel ill informed, uninterested and having a "take it or leave it" attitude. I asked to be connected to the person in charge, and was told they don't who it is. This is either a pathetically run company, or how they do things in JAPAN!"


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Employee (Former Employee) says

"Power-hungry Veep divisive, rewards only those who kiss azz but squeezes every drop out of hardworking personnel. So much BS going on, don't know where to begin. Scheming and lying are the norm. Threaten reprisals against those who dare have an opinion. Rampant bullying disguised as "aggressive management style." Unreasonable sales expectations that are moving constantly without economic consideration. Poor top-down communication. HR is useless with no backbone. Petty office politics usually started by incompetent ignoramuses who can't even function properly as flowerpots..Some nice coworkersEverything else. If you want to lose your sanity, go ahead. Don't say I didn't warn you."

Fresher (Former Employee) says

"Not a good place to work, lack of job security Politics Non supportive poor infrastructural facilities No work life balance High levels of stress"

IT Manager (Former Employee) says

"Very dull atmosphere. Most people will smile but will terminate you in the next few minutes. They have no idea of a professional work culture. the Japanese here r running it to enjoy their prosall cons"

promotora (Former Employee) says

"aprendí muchas cosas en este ultimo trabajo pero lamentablemente en esta empresa todavía no me pagan el ultimo pago ya paso mas de un mes es por eso que termine mi contrato y me retire el trato de la supervisora era malo con varias quejas pero en mi lugar de trabajo era bueno mi jefa de saga era recta pero comprensible y mi compañera me enseño mucho por no decir todo pues tampoco me dieron capacitaciónsegurono pagan puntual"

National Key Account (Former Employee) says

"La gestione della filiale da parte del manager italiano e' assolutamente negativa sia in termini di gestione del personale che del risultato operativo.NessunoAzenda nella quale gli impiegati scappano all'orario di uscita."

EX DIPENDENTE (Former Employee) says

"L'azienda racchiude in se Il peggio della multinazionale ed il peggio dell'azienda Padronale, il tutto promosso da Managers di scarsa capacità ed alta supponenza, impossibilità alla crescita professionale e reddituale. espressioni utilizzate dal manager: "Ci sono troppi dipendenti pensanti in questa azienda" ovviamente in senso ad uso promiscuonessuna crescita professionale"

Ejecutivo de cuenta, Relojes (Current Employee) says

"En general he aprendido mucho sobre la paciencia, y lo que no quiero en mi vida tanto personal como profesional.prestaciones superiores a la leyAmbiente de trabajo muy tenso y sin orientacion a objetivos"

Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"Never work with this company due to cheaper management. Management deduct unethical amount from salery without any reason and without any information."

プロダクトデザイン (Former Employee) says

"アッセンブル設計ばかりのタイトなスケジュール 新しい事を始めるのに裏工作を実施できる環境が消えてしまった。 変なものを創る開発力が激減した。 人間中心設計をやめた会社本体。 樫尾ファミリーの為の会社で、たたき上げの実力者は突然皆会社を辞めていく風土。実力ある人物にはお勧めできない。 樫尾の子供たちがうようよしていて社内は活気がなくなった。"

supervisor visual merchandising (Former Employee) says

"se inicia ya sea en santiago o región, dependiendo el evento. -fortalecer mis aptitudes y conocimiento de eventos y artículos. -las áreas relevantes y sus jefaturas , solo velan por tener parientes en los cargos de buena o excelente remuneración y jefatura. -personas aptas para las responsabilidades asignadas e iniciativa. -lidear, con jefatura distante , despreocupada por su gente. -que mi conocimiento lo pude fortalecer, el viajar , el tomar la iniciativa y liderazgo de mis funciones.gifcard, productos con descuentos al hay sinergia."

Parts Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Stressful work environment. Management caters to one employee over the rest. HR is no help since you have to go to your management before jumping right to HR for a complaint"

Direct Sales Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed helping customers to find the right products to order for themselves or someone else as a gift. I learned new programs processing orders with credit card, checks etc. As well as doing pro-forma invoices for schools, companies interested in purchasing our products. As a whole the department worked well together except for the supervisor of the department. The most difficult part of the job was telling the supervisor about the products we sold, how to spell and how to look up information needed to assist the customer. The best part was when a customer had contacted me back directly so happy to get the product they had ordered and how easy I had made it for them to purchase.access to gym equipmentnot team players, supervisor who was not savvy to the the customers needs, co-workers needs to help the customer was not important."

Asistente Recepcionista (Former Employee) says

"No es una empresa que te dé una estabilidad laboral ya que no hay un departamento como tal de recursos humanos y te pagan por outsourcing."

Quality Control Inspector (Former Employee) says

"check for any malfunction on calculators or checking for bad packing or spelling, checking the pallets and the whip that come from receiving. and i dont have nothing else to say..nonemanagement was rude to the employee"

Sales Area Manager (Current Employee) says

"Start up poco strutturata in cui la crescita professionale è uso promiscuonessuna crescita professionale"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Again the morning began with getting ready to take calls for the electronics that they produce and still doing so today.I learned about watches, cameras and guitars. How to reset and repair the watches and cameras when necessary.Management was just that management.The co-workers was wonderful different cultures.I really do not remember a hard part at this company.The relaxing and fun part was learning about the products itself.the products and explaining the item to the customers when neededlunch time not enough time."

Analista de Credito e Cobrança (Former Employee) says

"A empresa e boa, mas tem uma cultura organizacional ruim, otimos beneficios.salario compativel com o mercado, beneficiosgerencia ruim"

Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"Poor career advancement and a lack of commission opportunity. Felt unsupported by senior management. Lack of moral in the office and extremely unrealistic in expected results"

asesor de venta (Current Employee) says

"NingunoExpresarmeMedellinCompañerasJefesAtencion para con el clientenomedia hora de almuerzo"

営業 (Current Employee) says

"社員には優しい職場です。 契約社員にはチャンスを与えられない会社です。 社員と契約社員の待遇に大きな差がありますが、やっている仕事は契約社員の方が負担が大きくなる場合もあります。"

Guest says

"Asks for help locating a particular bracelet for my watch. As of now, week(s) later. No response. My start rating goes down as time goes by."

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